Datetimepicker with bootstrap 4

I wrote this article to explain how to install a datetimepicker in a rails project with bootstrap 4. Indeed, I spent a lot of time to find the solution, because it worked only with bootstrap 3.

A datetimepicker is essential to have a much better user experience in your forms.

Here, is what I did to install it :

1) Find the most recent project on github :

bootstrap-datetimepicker Don’t install the gem !

2) Install moment-js

Install moment for the format of dates.

In your Gemfile :

gem 'momentjs-rails', '>= 2.9.0

In application.js :

//= require moment

Don’t forget to re run your server

3) Add the js file in your project

In your javascripts folder :

Add the file bootstrap-datetimepicker.js and copy past the content of the file from github project src.


In your application.js :

//= require bootstrap-datetimepicker.js

4) Add css file in your project :

In your stylesheets folder :

Add the file bootstrap-datetimepicker.css and copy past the content of build folder in github project


In your application.scss

*= require bootstrap-datetimepicker

Now the install is done, re run your server.

5) Complete your view

If you are using simple form for, add this code in your input :

 as: :string, input_html: { class:"datetimepicker" }

The class “datetimepicker” that it will be called in the script

Add the basic script in your view

Here the documentation

Now it is work ! but the icons are not appear, indeed, because of the new version of bootstrap, you have to replace some code in your js file.

6) Fix the icons in js file

In javascripts/bootstrap-datetimepicker.js :

Replace this code :

By font-awesome icons:

Great ! it is working


I hope my article will help you !