Who am I ?

I grew up and make my studies in Paris, France 🇫🇷.

After being graduated, I worked for few years as receptionnist in luxury hotels.

Curious and auto-didact, I started to learn the basics of code by myself. Then I decided to change my career to work as web developer. To achieve my goal, I integrated a bootcamp in Paris, Le Wagon, to learn coding web applications. Then I worked on multiple side projects to improve my skills, before working for the first time as Ruby developer in a company.

What I like ?

Learning new things 🎸, singing under the shower 🎤, drawing fantastical things 🖌️, eating gastronomic foods 🍔, and most of all traveling 🌍. I have a fascination for international cultures around the world.

What I do ?

My professionnal career started in 2017. Today, while working on side projects and learning new skills, I work as freelancer mostly in Ruby langage.

My goal is to discover new technologies, integrate projects with good patterns and a serious attachment to the code quality.

If you have any questions, or need to talk about technical topics or articles, you can contact me by Email.

Here my Github account, and my LinkedIn account for more informations.

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